News de Mac-Gratuit Les dernières mises à jour de Mac-Gratuit. Dux Custom RSS Generator by Dux Mac Gratuit 144 60 fr New cheat generator avaible for Episode Choose Your Story ! (Jeux) <img src="" alt=" " height="130" /><br /><b>New Episode tips to help your progression and your story</b><br /><br /> All the players waited patiently for this moment, and it finally happened. For some time now, a new generator has been appearing on the internet. Indeed, this little jewel allows you to get free passes for free. As you can see while playing, as the game progresses, more diamonds are indispensable to make your story evolve. This can quickly demotivate players, especially those who can't afford to buy them.<br /> <br /> Episode is a game developed by the American studio Interactive. Released in 2017, this game quickly became a hit, especially with American teenage girls. In this game, you can customize your avatar and start living your student life. Your story starts at the beginning of the new school year, and you've just changed schools. From here, each story is different and your choices will determine yours. With the new <a href="" target="_blank" title="" >Episode cheats</a>, you can unlock as many new stories as you like. You'll never run out of passes again.<br /> <br /> The game editors have long worked to get a smooth game, with the graphics worked out. The dialogues are very well done, and the possibilities are almost infinite. To make the game even more attractive, the developers had the idea of allowing the players themselves to write their own stories. This adds a natural side to the game. Episode - Story you play is available on all official mobile download platforms. The game is compatible with Android and Iphone. <br /> <br /> <br /> You can interface your google record to the apple and pay with your ledger to get passes. In any case, it's not the best arrangement. 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